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Cherry Bombe

Issue Nº 18: Beautiful Baked Goods. Cover 4 of 6—Natasha Pickowicz (INTERNATIONAL)

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Welcome to Issue 18, dedicated to the most beautiful cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and other baked goods around. 

Issue 18 features six different cover options!

Order this copy to receive the Natasha Pickowicz cover. Natasha, one of the most creative pastry chefs around, is the founder of the Never Ending Taste pop-up series. A three-times James Beard Award nominee, Natasha shares the story of how she became a self-taught pastry chef, worked in fine-dining restaurants, and shifted her life, career, and priorities during the pandemic.

Please note, the Issue 18 covers are different, but the magazines are identical on the inside.

Cover photo by Jennifer Livingston
Printed in Rhode Island at Meridian Printing

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